The Secret of Bunker Shots

If you struggle in bunkers then you are like many other amateur golfers. However, if you watch golf on the television you will often hear commentators say that professionals would rather see their ball finish in a bunker than miss it. How can it be that they find bunkers so easy, yet the rest of the golfing world struggle so much to escape them?  The secret is having a ball position that matches your swing.

The Secret of Bunker Shots

To find your ideal ball position:

  • Make practice swings and see where your club strikes the sand.
  • If the club strikes the sand nearer to your right foot, that is where your ball should be positioned.
  • If it is closer to your left foot, then it should be positioned there.
  • If you struggle to hit the sand in a consistent place then work on keeping your lower body as stable as possible until impact is consistent.

The Secret of Bunker Shots

Keep a check of this over your first few rounds of golf and adjust as needed

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