JEC Berupaya Menurunkan Angka Kebutaan Kornea di Indonesia Melalui JEC Charity Golf Tournament

By: OBGOLF | News | 23 July, 2018

Jakarta, Indonesia July 2018

Home Favourite Siddikur Hopes To Turn The Corner At Ab Bank Bangladesh Open

By: OBGOLF | News | 08 May, 2018

Dhaka, May 2018

First Pro Title at the Inauguration

By: OBGOLF | News | 19 April, 2018

The inaugural OB Golf Invitational was played over 54 holes due to inclement weather forcing the cancellation of the final round. Japanese..

New Faces on the Champion’s Throne

By: OBGOLF | News | 17 February, 2018

The absence of the defending champions opened up the competition for the throne at the 2018 Junior Golf National Championship. Two new...

Birthday Boy’s Eyes on Asian Games

By: OBGOLF | News | 17 February, 2018

One of Indonesia’s up and coming junior golfers beat tough competition from the Thais at the International Junior Golf Championship 2017...

Tournament Changes Team Mentality

By: OBGOLF | News | 17 February, 2018

The Indonesian team had a positive result at the 2017 World Golf Amateur Championship (WAGC) World Final. The team, ...

Connecting People through Golf

By: OBGOLF | News | 17 February, 2018

With the slogan "Connecting People through Golf”, a brand new app has begun introducing itself to the market. IndoGolf Passport is an...

Happy Season Ender For Danny

By: OBGOLF | News | 17 February, 2018

The 2017 Grand Finale of the Indonesian Golf Tour at Gunung Geulis Golf & Country Club, December 19-21, resulted in a closely contested...

International Recognition for Bukit Pandawa

By: OBGOLF | News | 17 February, 2018

A second Indonesian golf course received international recognition. Bukit Pandawa Golf & Country Club, Bali, was named as the “World’s...

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