10 August 2017

Maximizing Indonesia’s Chances

Jubilant “Teddy” Arda accepted the appointment as the Indonesian Golf Tour team Captain. “Jimmy [Masrin] knows that I definitely would not refuse to carry the name of Indonesia. It is indeed an honor for me to be a captain,” said Jubilant, who has been playing golf more than 40 years. Teddy’s selection as captain was based on his extensive playing experience and deep knowledge about this sport. Teddy was also the team manager and head of national training for the SEA Games in 2011 when the men won the silver medal.


This year the IGT-PGM Championship will use match play format. What chance do you think the Indonesian team has of winning?

We have a chance to win. In match play, the strategies applied are basically different and how to play is also different. There are match types in match play that use alternate shots. Players need complement their playing partner. So, players who have the same style of play will be dificult to combine.


If all our best players can play, I think we can put up a fight. We can choose a home course that provides an advantage to our players, just like we did at the 2011 SEA Games when the Indonesian ladies team won the gold medal and the men won silver. We have a chance.


What strategy should the players apply in match play?

Competing in match play, the players must have guts and a strong will. You have to play aggressively at the beginning of the hole. To be or not to be. I have experienced it when playing in match play. We have to play very bravely. If you score a bogey, double or triple, the result is the same. We lose only on that hole. In stroke play format, we have to manage when to play aggressively and when to play conservatively. In match play, we go for broke. Unless we lead by 2 or 3 up, then the strategy must be changed. We cannot make a mistake that causes defeat.


How was the team composed?

We have 12 players ready. Eight of them are top of the IGT Order of Merit this year. Four golfers are captain picks. For this, I chose players who have shown mental toughness, such as Adrian Halimi. He is not a strong player, but he is a tenacious player. I played with Adrian in a final match play, and I had to play 35 holes to finish him. I led 7 up, but he started to catch up. The game should have been finished in 27 holes but it increased by eight holes. That's match play. Anything can happen.


What are the chances of earning points in every match?

In single matches, we have a 50-50 chance. Therefore, we should be able to score points over the first two days: fourball and foursome. Meanwhile, for singles, each player will need to be mentally tough in order to earn points.


Why did you choose Riverside as the venue over Jagorawi Golf which was the venue of the 2011 SEA Games?

Jagorawi is not in good condition. Riverside has similarities with Jagorawi, but the course is not as difficult. However, most of Riverside’s holes force the player to make lay-up shots; that’s an advantage for us.


You experienced success at the 2011 SEA Games. Can that spirit, which woke up in 2011, be transmitted to this Championship?

Golf is a game of surprises. There is a 50-50 chance. Now, we must enlarge our opportunity. It does not really matter how good you are. In match play, you will be head to head. You need to build leverage as the host and maximize it. 

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