19 September 2016

A Call For Fair Play

Looking towards the 2016 National Games in September, the Indonesian Golf Association (PGI) has reminded all athletes to uphold fair play. 

Speaking at a press conference at the end of June, Chairman of the PGI Murdaya Widyawimarta Po said that it is important that the players set a good example for young players. Murdaya warned that the organization will impose sanctions if there are attempts to cheat at the Games. “Sanctions may include being expelled from PGI’s membership. I understand that every athlete and provincial officials definitely want to win, however, it should be done with fair play. Remember that golf is a gentleman’s sport,” said Murdaya. 

He added that the National Games is an opportunity to watch the seeds of potential who are projected for the formation of the national team. The provincial athletes are expected to take the fullest advantage of this event, which will be held at Bandung Giri Gahana Golf, West Jawa Barat

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