05 August 2018

Integrity Wins Over Prestige

Kate Wynja is just a senior on the golf team at Sioux Falls Christian in South Dakota. She didn’t win the high school championship in early June yet her name went viral following the championship after she showed a brilliant example of good sportsmanship. 

Wynja had won the South Dakota Class A high school championship and helped her school, Sioux Falls Christian, to the team title as well. Then, she realized she had accidentally signed for a 4 on the 18th instead of the 5 she actually shot. After telling her coach, the two informed tournament officials, who had no choice but to disqualify her. It cost her the individual title and also cost her team the school's first team title since 2011.

“I knew I needed to tell them,” said Wynja, as quoted by “It was really sad, mostly because I knew what the result would be. I knew that I would be disqualified and it broke my heart for the team. But I knew I couldn’t leave without saying something.”

Despite having to sacrifice two titles, Wynja's action has reaped a lot of praise and support, including from world golf legend Jack Nicklaus who voiced his admiration.

“I love the uniquely special characteristics of the game of golf. Even when it is sometimes tough love. Congrats to this young lady for using golf as a vehicle to teach us all life lessons on honesty & integrity!” said Nicklaus on his Twitter account. 

Despite forfeiting the title, which she also won last year, Wynja has still come out on top, demonstrating to other golf players how to have integrity on the course.


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