20 August 2019

Place to Visit Banjarmasin

Lok Baintan Floating Market
Established in the Banjar Sultanate era, this Floating Market, located at the Sungai Pinang Village, is a highlight of Banjarmasin and has become one of its most popular destinations. Alongside the banks of the Martapura River, visitors can watch the convoy of colorful boats floating, while the buying and selling takes place. An abundance of goods, from groceries and household equipment to hot meals and aromatic hot coffees, are sold in this market. 

Martapura River Activities 
The banks of the Martapura River are truly a favorite place in Banjarmasin. Simply relaxing on the banks of the river is a popular tourist activity for those visiting the area. While enjoying the pleasant atmosphere, visitors can also tuck into some local delicacies from the numerous food stalls and restaurants located along the riverbank. For those wishing to explore more of the Martapura River, it’s possible to rent a kelotok (motorized boat) to travel to Barito, located west of Banjarmasin. Taking a boat up the river affords visitors another vantage point on local life and the tourist spots along the left and right of the river. 

Pulau Kembang (Flower Island)
Flower Island is situated in the middle of the Barito River and is mostly covered by forest. Located about 1.5 km from the city center of Banjarmasin, this tourist spot covers an area of 60 Hectares and is a natural habitat for monkeys and tropical birds. Interestingly, there is also a temple and altar with statues of monkeys and the monkey god, Hanuman, where some Chinese people come to place offerings. 

Angsana & Takisung Beaches
There are two popular beaches in Banjarmasin. Angsana Beach has freshwater and white sand with a wooden quay from which visitors can take in the deep blue water. A main attraction at Angsana Beach is the wealth of aquatic life which makes it a great place for snorkeling and diving. The second popular beach is Takisung. This beach has become popular with tourists thanks to its beautiful views and the chance to trade directly with local fishermen here for fresh and dried fish.

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