08 December 2019

Place To Visit Padang

Bukittinggi is a city that can be reached by a 2-3 hour drive from Padang. The trip to the city is quite tiring because of the hilly terrain and sharp turns but offers beautiful views. Enjoy the view of the Bukit Barisan Mountains on the right and left of the road, plus the view of Mount Singgalang and Marapi before entering Bukittinggi City. Bukittinggi, which means high hill in English, is located at an altitude of 909 to 941 above sea-level and as such, offers a fairly cool air. The city is the hometown of Indonesia's first former vice-president and also has plenty of tourist attractions, such as Bukittinggi Big Ben, Fort de Kock, and Sianok Canyon.

Anai Valley
Located on the Padang-Bukittinggi route, Anai Valley has become a popular rest stop for tourists continuing to their destinations. A quick roadside stop to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Anai Valley Waterfall in the Anai Valley Nature Reserve area is a great way to break up the journey. 

Maninjau & Singkarak Lake
In the Minangkabau language, Maninjau means overlook or observe. This large caldera lake is surrounded by beautiful scenic views and rural villages. The panorama of this lake is exceptionally gorgeous. The scenic journey to reach it takes visitors down a narrow road with 44 hairpin bends before reaching the lakeshore. Another lake to visit is Singkarak Lake, which is the second biggest in Sumatra. Located at an elevation of nearly 1200 feet in the highlands east of Padang, Lake Singkarak's shoreline is cool and offers breathtaking vistas and spectacular views. There’s a species of fish called Bilih fish that only live in this lake. 

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