05 April 2017

Paris of East Java

Indonesia has two cities which are dubbed “Paris of Java.” Perhaps most famous is Bandung, however, Malang in East Java has also earned this nickname.

Located at an altitude of 476 meters (1,562 ft) above sea level, Malang offers cooler temperatures and breezy weather. Perhaps it’s this similarity with Bandung, amongst a few others, that has lead to these cities sharing the same nickname. Malang lies on the Brantas River, at the eastern side of Mount Semeru, and plays host to a tremendous selection of both relaxing and interesting activities. The city became a popular destination for European residents during the Dutch colonization, and its popularity with tourists has continued through to the present era.

Modern day Malang has retained much of its historical character. Established by the Dutch in the closing decades of the 18th century, the city has a colonial grandeur and vibrancy that has helped it to become widely regarded as the most attractive city in the East Java region. Aside from its cultural facets, the city is also home to a large student population who attend the universities situated there.

For those simply visiting for a vacation, the city provides an ideal base from which to explore this intriguing corner of East Java. Visitors can stroll down Malang’s boulevards to take in the old colonial buildings and City Hall. The bird and flower market, Senaputra Park, Kayu Tangan Complex, City Square, and Taman Krida Budaya are also interesting sites to stop by.

Outside of the city, the most popular tourist destination in the area is Batu. A short 19 km drive from Malang, Batu was formerly part of Malang, but it became an independent city in 2001. There are numerous attractions in Batu, including Jatim Park, Jatim Park 2, Batu Night Spectacular and Eco-Green Park.

Malang and its surrounding areas are great places to take in the natural beauty of Indonesia. High on the list of outdoor attractions are Coban Rondo waterfall, Wonosari tea plantation, Wendit pool, Mount Kawi, Mount Bromo panorama, Coban Pelangi waterfall, and Karangkates Recreation park. And if that isn’t enough, there are also several beaches to enjoy: Ngliyep beach, Balekambang beach, and Sendang Biru beach.




Batu Secret Zoo is renowned as a well-maintained zoo that offers a chance for education, fun, and togetherness. Located in Batu city, it is a modern zoo with  good architectural design. While viewing the exotic animals, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. The zoo also has the Animal Museum which houses preserved specimens of rare animals, extinct species, and artificial pre-historic animals. The zoo is located near to another popular attraction, the Batu Night Spectacular (BNS).



Just a short drive from Malang is Mount Semeru, the volcano has an altitude of 3,676 meters above sea level. Active tourists will enjoy the trekking the area has to offer and can spend the night at Ranu Kumbolo, a beautiful lake situated 2,400 meters above sea level on Mount Semeru.



Located on the slopes of Mount Panderman, close to Pandesari village, is Coban Rondo waterfall. This waterfall has a height of about 84 meters and the area also has some other smaller attractions such as the Labyrinth Garden. Coban Rondo is 12 km from Batu district. After a short walk down some stairs, visitors can enjoy the cool, green, relaxing atmosphere of the waterfall.



Located in the village of Candirenggo, Candi Singosari is a Hindu-Buddhist temple. It is a historical relic from the Singosari Kingdom, one of the largest kingdoms in Indonesia. The temple was built in the 12th century as a tribute to the King Kertanegara who died in the attack of the rebel army led by Jayakatwang. The temple complex covers an area of 80,000 m2 and there are several temples within the complex.



Sendang Biru beach is one of the most famous beaches in Malang besides Balekambang Beach. This beach has calm waves and is guarded by the cliffs of Sembu Island. The island is also famous for its nature preserve.




Rawon is black colored beef soup that’s seasoned with kluwak. It is blended with traditional spices such as onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric, lemongrass, coriander, chili and vegetable oil.



Orem-Orem is a traditional dish from Malang that is chicken cooked in thick coconut milk. The gravy is like a thick and spicy curry sauce. Orem-Orem is usually served with fried tempeh and mendol. Mendol is a fried food that is made from soybean paste mixed with spices.



Cwie Mie is also a dish that originates from Malang. It is a noodle dish with minced chicken meat. Cwie Mie is usually eaten with a savory sauce, fresh lettuce, and a sprinkling of fried onions. In addition, the dish is usually served with dumplings.

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