20 August 2019

Local Food Banjarmasin

Soto Banjar
This Soto is one Banjarmasin dish that should not be missed when you are in the city. Soto Banjar uses cinnamon as the main seasoning meaning the color of the sauce is clearer than Soto from other regions which tend to be yellow. In addition to containing rice vermicelli and small slices of chicken meat, this Soto includes half-baked rice cakes and egg slices, giving variety to this typical Banjarmasin food. Sprinkles of leeks, fried onions, and lime slices are interesting additions to the look and flavor of this Soto. Soto Banjar is usually served with rice cake.

Yellow Rice
Banjarmasin's yellow rice is distinctive from yellow rice in other regions because it is made with a different type of rice and other seasonings. Banjarmasin yellow rice, which is something of a culinary icon of the area, uses pera (grained, not fluffy) rice and has only a little spice. Turmeric is used to color it and pandan leaves act to enhance the aroma of the dish. In Banjarmasin, yellow rice is served with side dishes of red spices and serundeng (relish of grated coconut and spices) for giving a complementary savory flavor.

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