Hanbo Lee

12 June 2017

Rescue Me!


The rescue club is bigger, more forgiving, and easy to swing. It’s vital for any golfer - professional, amateur, or beginner - to have a rescue club in their bag. A rescue club can give you distance, ball flight, and control. You can also use it anywhere on the golf course.

There is no need for any golfer to try and smash their 3 iron or 4 iron, why smash it when there is an easier way to swing? The rescue is made to replace the 3 iron, for a more forgiving feeling even with a miss hit. Your rescue club will give you a better result compared to your  3 iron, with less margin of error.

People tend to mistake the rescue club as one of their woods. Actually, when using your rescue you should address it as you would for a 5 iron swing. The ball position should be centre left. The rescue needs more of a descending blow than an ascending strike. Making a little divot is normal. Don't be afraid of swinging down on the rescue, its loft will ensure that the ball goes up.

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