03 April 2020

THE GAME-TOMMY-Short Putt for confidence

Master Short Putts for Confidence

Short putts are one area of golf that amateurs and juniors underestimate the importance of the most. 

Short putts looks so easy and harmless but missing a short putt can affect your golf game mentally and really break your momentum during the round. 

The first important factor golfers should consider for shorter putts is that direction is more important than distance control. So what affects the direction 80%?

Direction is dictated by the clubface. When I see golfers working on short putting, I mostly see them working on their club path rather than the clubface. In the professional ranks, we see so many different types of strokes and grips yet their clubface is always square to the target at impact.

Let me show you how you can stabilize your clubface to be square at impact. 

Short Putt - Wrong

  •  Posture is tall and similar to a 7-iron swing
  •  Backswing is long and will cause you to decelerate through impact 

Short putt - Right

  • Posture should be over the ball with your arms more bent connected to your body
  • Backswing is shorter which will naturally help you to accelerate through impact 

Short Putt Drill

Practice some short putts with only your left hand. Feel the club low to the ground and the back of your left hand going to the target. It will help you steady the clubface through impact.

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