David Bradshaw

09 August 2017

Practicing on the Putting Green

As a golf instructor, every day I see numerous golfers practicing their full swings with their irons for hours. I wonder if they realize that if you count up how many putts you make in an average round it will add up to more than a quarter of your total score.

Spending more quality time practicing on the putting green is a quick way to improve your score and handicap on the course.


What to Practice?

A good starting point is to learn more about aiming the putter face along your initial starting line. How many of you line the ball up from behind…then address the ball…look down…and then feel that the line is NOT where you pointed it so you change your aim to feel comfortable?

What feels square and what is square can be different in reality.


How to Check Your Putter Face Aim

Find a straight putt on the practice green.  Use either chalk or putting string and set this up from around 10 foot to the hole.  Line up the ball with the string/chalk line and address the ball as you are going to hit the putt.

How do you feel this is aiming at the target as you are stood over it?  If you feel this is not square here is a slight change to your address position which may help the feeling.

Let’s check your head position at set up.  A lot of aiming issues can be fixed in the address position.  As you can see from the graphics here, there are different head positions.  If your eye line sits too much on the inside of the ball, this won’t give you the best position to aim and feel square.

Alter your chin position down towards your chest so your eyes are more directly on top of the golf ball and above the target line.

Retest yourself with the chalk line or putting string, check if changing your head position helps you feel square.

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