Stephen Moriarty

05 April 2017

Perfect Putting Practice

In this busy world, most people don’t have time to practice, let alone practice their putting. As a result, a few quick putts before running to the first tee is often all the attention putting gets.

Putting makes up the most shots you'll play with a single club in any round. Your wedge follows in second. This means that it is actually the most important club in your bag. You may have heard the old saying, "drive for show, putt for dough." If you haven't, then this is something to keep in mind the next time you find a free hour to practice.

So what should you be practicing? Well, putting can be broken up into different sections: short, medium and long distances, slopes, and speed.

It's extremely important you have the ability to hit the ball the correct distance as this will save you the most amount of three putts.  Try this simple drill to work on this:

Place 5 tees at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 meters, then hit five putts. The aim is to give you an understanding of how much you need to increase the length of your swing to create different distances.  If you need a guide you can position more tees on the ground to help you visualize it.

No matter how good or bad you putt, you are going to be faced with some short, testing putts in a round of golf.

Work on your short putts with this drill:

3ft N,E,S,W

6ft N,E,S,W

For very short putts, place a tee into the ground about two feet in front of the ball. Try to roll 10 putts in a row to hit the tee. This will make the hole seem huge when you face these types of putt on the course.

And lastly, given that you want to leave the green with a little confidence, pick a distance that you are not expecting to hole, this could be somewhere between 10-15 feet.  Hit five putts focusing on trying to get the ball to finish somewhere around the hole. If you don’t have much success with attempt one, switch to another spot and try again.

Reducing the numbers of putts you take per round is a guaranteed way of lowering your score. 

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