19 April 2021

No More Bad Chip.

Chipping is part of the Golf game that suppose to be quite simple, however (most golfers/ a lot of golfers) make it harder by adding unnecessary movement. If this picture looks familiar to you, then you are the person who uses your wrist a lot during chip shots. This movement will cause you two possibilities, either you thin the ball on the impact position or you chunk the ball.

To prevent those possibility/mistake, I recommend you this drill:

  • Hold an alignment stick and take a grip with the alignment stick, position the alignment stick closer to you left side.
  • Then take a practice swing. if the alignment stick hits your side it means you used your wrist

When you are in the correct position, you will have space between the stick and your side. This simple drill will improve your chip around the green. By improving your chip, you will get a bigger chance to make an up and down (one chip and one put), create more possibility to make the chip and get a better score result.

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