Stephen Moriarty

03 February 2017

Master Your Short Game

Here is a simple way of adding different options to your short game. Golfers who are good in short game have the ability to hit different shots.

This means they can hit the ball with different trajectories and with different amounts of roll or spin. A simple way of changing how high or low you can hit the ball is to alter the distance you stand from the ball.

Low chip shot: the only time you are closer to the ball is when you putt. The key points:

  • Position the club as upright as possible, so the toe is touching the ground.
  • Narrow stance with the ball towards your back foot.
  • Grip the club and bow your top hand forwards; this may be similar to your putting grip.
  • Keep your weight towards the target and your hands ahead of the ball.

When playing the shot, keep your weight towards target and feel like the club is moving in a straight line back from the ball, then turn through impact.

High shot: the only time you will be further from the ball is with your woods and in a bunker.

  • Stand away from the ball.
  • Ball position towards your front foot.
  • Open the club face slightly.
  • Increase your knee flex.

When playing the shot make sure your body and arms work together. A good feeling is to have a small turn and hinge of the club on your backswing and follow through.

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