David Bradshaw

28 September 2016

Low Spinning 50-Yard Pitch Shot

One shot that can “wow” is a low 50-yard pitch shot that stops very quickly. With a little bit of understanding you can go out and practice this shot which is easier than you think.

To play this shot it is important that you are using a wedge that has clean grooves to create spin and a ball that has a soft cover. Ideally, start with a 56-degree wedge.

The clubhead should be travelling on a shallow angle of attack as it strikes the ball.  You should be making little to no divot.

What do you need to change?

Many golfers put the ball too far right in their stance (opposite the right foot), but to play this low spinning pitch shot you cannot put the ball too far to the right.  You are going to have to position the ball in the middle of your stance and your weight should be distributed towards the target.

When you address the ball aim slightly to the right of the flag.  This is going to encourage a change in swing path, which is an important part of hitting this shot. 

For the ball trajectory to be lower you will need to de-loft the club through impact. To do this, aim the clubface at the target even though your body is aiming right.

As you swing the club you should have the feeling that you are swinging on the line of your body, which is pointing to the right of the target.  You need your swing path to be in to out as this will help create spin.  Lastly, clubhead speed is also key to creating more spin, the faster the clubhead is travelling the more the ball will spin.

Key Points:

  • Ball position central, weight a little left
  • Body aims to right of the target, clubface aims at the target
  • Swing along the direction of your body.  In to out path
  • Generate more clubhead speed
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