David Bradshaw

20 December 2016

High Trajectory & Soft Landing

In the last edition I talked about a 40-yard low spinning pitch shot.  Now I’m going to help you with some tips for playing a high trajectory, soft landing lob shot.

There are certain situations you might face on the golf course where the ball needs to land softly and not roll much.

  • Not much green between yourself and the pin, the ball needs to stop quickly to get close
  • A hazard to fly the ball over – a bunker or water hazard
  • The ball is in long grass or sat down
  • The slope of the green is downhill.

In these different situations you don’t want to hit the ball low as it will roll too far. You will benefit from having the ability to hit a high trajectory lob shot. To achieve this type of shot you need to be able to use the loft of the club correctly.

Address Position

To increase the loft of the club in the address position, lay the club face open and then take hold of the grip.  Do not take hold of the club and then twist the clubface open.

Widen your stance, as shown in the picture, this will help you get lower to the ground by having more knee flex.  Move the ball position a little left of centre, so it is between the middle of your stance and your left foot.  Having your body set lower to the ground, almost in a half squat position, will also encourage more loft on the club as the shaft angle will be lower to the ground.

Your weight distribution should be slightly on your left foot, 55-45% towards the target, but no more than that.

The Swing

The swing length is going to reflect how far you want to hit the ball. You will have to make sure you are creating some hinge in the back swing as you can see in the picture below.  The club will be pointing upwards towards the sky, you will then rotate through the impact area and release the club.  Do not try to keep your hands ahead of the club head at impact as this de-lofts the club and prevents the high lob that is required.


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