David Bradshaw

19 August 2016

The Correct Takeaway

One of the biggest faults we see in the academy is how students start their swings. Golfers often get caught up trying to fix faults later in their swings, but if you build your swing from the start, you will find positions further on in the swing will improve automatically.

A common fault in the early stages of a swing is the clubhead travels too far inside and behind the body. This fault makes it very difficult for you to make a repetitive and efficient movement.

This fault is demonstrated in the photo below – as you can see, the left arm is rotated early in the swing.


Instead of using the arms in the takeaway section, I would like to see you move the club away more with the core/rib cage of your body.

The clubhead will stay in front of the hands, as you can see in the photo below.

Key points to feel as you practice this drill:

  • Right forearm stays on top of the left arm
  • Hands stay closer to the body with the golf club in front
  • Left shoulder down and less rotation to the left forearm
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