03 April 2020

THE GAME-ROBERT-Punch shot recovery

Punch Shot Recovery

From time to time we need to be able to keep the ball low and still get distance out of the shot. This shot allows you to get the ball back into play and still get some much needed distance to give you the ability to save your score.

Another benefit to the punch shot is that it is great to use in high winds and can help you learn how to create solid strikes from your regular shots. 


Place the majority of your weight in the lead leg of your setup. Feel like your feet are settled solid against the ground. You may even feel a sense of being slightly lower than your normal setup. Hand position should be slightly in front of a ball that is positioned in the center of the stance. 

Back swing

Take the Golf club back in a slightly steeper more abbreviated move than normal whilst maintaining pressure in the lead leg. Be cautious of the reverse pivot. This first move is best practiced in the mirror so that you are aware of what you body is doing. 


As the downswing begins, maintain pressure in the lead leg and drive the club downwards into the back of the ball. At the point of impact the hands will be further forward than your original setup position. The club should strike the ball first with the divot after the ball. 

Post impact to follow through

Continue to rotate your hips and chest through impact towards the target and finish with an abbreviated finish position. Keep in mind you have been maintaining the pressure in the lead leg throughout the motion.

This shot is a fun shot to play when you get the impact right. The ball moves very fast off the face due to the delofting of the club. Learning this shot has other benefits though; it can really help you train a better angle of attack into the ball and teach you more precision at impact. Once you have become reasonably competent with this shot, you will find an amazing amount of clubface control. It s a true shot saver.

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