Hanbo Lee

09 August 2017

Swing Tempo

Swing Tempo in golf terms is the pace of your swing, back and through. Some golfers have a slow or smooth tempo but there’s no correct tempo for every golfer, but there is a correct tempo for each golfer as an individual.

Often golfers say they strike it so well on the driving range but struggle on the golf course. If you find this happening to you, the most likely reason is that your tempo will be fairly consistent on the driving range, but as soon as you step up to the first tee the nerves and pressure throw it off.

Swinging with a consistent tempo is critical to making solid contact. Tempo has a relation to a good balance as well, another factor for steady ball striking.

One of the best drills for tempo is the "60% Wedge Swing"

On the driving range, hit a series of balls with a wedge while swinging at 60% of your power. In other words, nice and easy. Move up a club or two to a 9-iron and repeat the process. Continue through to the driver, swinging no harder than 60% on any shot.

You should notice a better balance and ball strike and you may find that your shots fly further despite the 60% swing. That’s the beauty of great tempo.

People tend to make a mistake of swinging with two clubs together to loosen up on the first tee. Instead, you should take an 8-iron, turn it upside down and grip it just below the clubhead. Try making practice swings this way instead of using two clubs, it will help you feel loose and move through the ball with good balance

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