Stephen Moriarty

09 October 2017

Push Or Pull

For many golfers, adding distance is always an important element when trying to improve their game. Different parts of the golf swing can help to add club speed, from the way in which your body rotates and unwinds, to how you hold the club and even the position of the ball. A very important element is what you do with the club at the start of your downswing.  For 90% of my students, they need to feel like they are pulling on the club in transition, this helps them load the club correctly and also helps to shallow the shaft which is required to be able to hit a draw and maximize clubhead speed.  For the other 10% of my students, they need to feel like they are pushing the club in transition, these are students who struggle with hitting the ball too low and do not release the club correctly. If you are someone who hits the ball too low, especially with your driver, then this is a great feeling for you.

Who should pull?
Anyone who: 
Needs distance
Wants to improve compression on impact
Wants to hit a draw
Feels like this on impact: 















Who should push?
Anyone who: 
Wants to hit their driver higher
Is struggling to release the club on impact
Juniors whose clubs are too heavy and long for them
Feels like this on impact: 


Take a video of yourself face on and see which image is closer to you at impact. Then, make some practice swings and focus on whether you feel like you pull or push the club in the transition from backswing to downswing.

Here is how you should look at the start of your downswing:













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