David Bradshaw

03 February 2017

Dynamic Movements

As golf has progressed over the past 20 years, tour players have continued finding ways to hit the ball further. Professionals are hitting the ball longer than ever; the likes of Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Dustin Johnson are some of the longest drivers the game has seen.

For beginners, creating dynamic movements through the swing is key to creating more speed.

The most important movement in the golf swing when trying to create speed is how the body unwinds from the top of the backswing to the downswing. This is known as the “transition”. The correct sequence of events from the top of the downswing is: hips, shoulders, arms, and lastly the hands and club.

There are three great drills we teach to help create a dynamic movement with your body:

The Three-Ball Drill

Line up three balls, and hit the three balls without stopping in between shots.  The focus is not on the direction the ball is going but trying to have a good strike.  This is a good drill to improve the movement of your body.

Teeing the Ball Up High

Using a 7-iron, tee the ball up like you are going to hit the driver.  When you swing the club you want to have the feeling you are going to hit the ball right and curve the ball back towards the target.  This will allow you to use your lower body much more than the upper body in the downswing.

Step and Hit

For this drill, start with your feet close together and the ball position outside of the left foot. As you get halfway in to your backswing you should lift your left foot and step towards the target, this will help initiate the downswing and you should swing down to hit the ball.  This is an excellent drill for encouraging the lower body to start the downswing and for improving the sequence.

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