David Bradshaw

09 October 2017

Compressing Your Irons

Are you driving the ball better than ever but struggling with striking your irons and hitting the ball close enough?
There are a couple of “go to” check points for your irons. You should evaluate the low point of the club: is the club hitting the ground before the ball? If so, this is one area we can improve right away.  The next point is to check is the trajectory of the ball flight: if you are struggling with distance or shots into the wind you will generally see the ball trajectory going too high.


Angle of Attack

One of the differences between hitting driver and iron shots is the angle of attack. With a driver, you are trying to hit the ball on the upswing, whilst to be a good iron player you need to be able to hit the ball on the downswing.  The clubhead should be hitting the ball and then interacting with the ground. It may sound obvious but so many golfers struggle with this concept and fail to strike the ball well to gain the distance they desire. Below is a quick drill you can use next time you are at the driving range.


Dynamic Loft

You may be striking the ball well but still losing distance and struggling against the wind.  Ask yourself, are you able to control the loft of the golf club as you hit the ball and can you deloft the club at impact?
This is an important skill. PGA Tour players de-loft a mid-iron at impact on average around 8 to 10 degrees from the static iron loft.  Having the skill to provide less loft onto the club at impact should see you lower the ball flight and be able to control the shots into the wind and side winds.

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