Eddy Putra

10 August 2017

Golf Etiquette

Lots of people know how to play golf but only a few apply the correct golf etiquette. There are some important things that golfers should do to ensure golf is played with the correct spirit of the game.

The most common things are:

  • Show consideration to other players.
  • Play at a good pace and be ready to invite faster moving groups to play through.
  • Take care of the course by smoothing bunkers, replacing divots, and repairing ball marks on the greens.


There are also other things that golfers must follow for a round of the game, from before it begins until after it’s completed.

Before starting your round, you are advised to:

  • Read the Local Rules on the score card and the notice board.
  • Put an identification mark on your ball; the same brand of ball is played many players and if you can’t identify your ball, it is considered lost (according to Rules 6-5 and 12-2).
  • Count your clubs; a golfer is allowed to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in his/her bag (Rule 4-4).

During the round, you are advised to:

  • Not ask for “advice” from anyone except your caddie, your partner (i.e. a player on your side) or your partner’s caddie; not to give advice to any player except your partner; you may ask for or provide information on the Rules, distances and the position of hazards, the flagstick, etc. (Rule 8-1).
  • Not to play any practice shots during play of a hole (Rule 7-2).


At the end of your round, you are advised to:

  • Ensure the result of the match is recorded for (match play).
  • Ensure that your score card is completed properly and signed by you and your marker, and return it to the Committee as soon as possible (stroke play), according to Rule 6-6.
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