19 August 2016

Get Ready To Go On Green

When you make it to the green, there are specific rules that apply there. You need to know them before making a shot otherwise you could incur a penalty. No one ever enjoys that, so here are the rules you should follow:

Attending the Flag

It’s fine if you are hitting towards an unattended pin from off the putting green. However, once you’re on the green, you should ensure that the flagstick is removed or attended. If your ball, after a shot from the putting green, hits the flagstick, you incur a penalty of two strokes (stroke play) or you lose the hole (match play). This applies when the flagstick is in the hole or lying on the green. 
When hitting the ball from off the putting green, you may ask for the flagstick to be attended. However, you cannot ask for the flagstick to be adjusted, it can only be centered, removed, or attended.

Marking the Ball

When your ball lands on the putting green, you may pick it up and clean it. Before picking up the ball, you must mark its position properly. It’s recommended to use a small coin or marker pin, although it is fine to use anything.
If the marker is in the other player’s line, you may move the marker to either side of the line. Do this by marking the ball then moving it one or more club head’s length to the side of the line.

Before replacing the ball at the marked position, make sure that you use the right one. If you use a different ball, you will incur a two-stroke penalty (stroke play) or lose the hole (match play).

While waiting to putt, you are not allowed to practice putting on the green or test the surface.

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