20 April 2016

Ball At Rest Moved

Previously we discussed a situation where our ball was accidentally deflected or stopped by someone or something. So, what do we do if we’re facing a situation where our ball at rest is moved?

Actually, the situation of a ball at rest which has been moved is simple to deal with. We just need to understand some of the basic rules associated with each case. Here’s a summary of the basic rules:

1. By Outside Agency

There is no penalty, simply replace the ball.

2. By Player, Partner, Caddie, or Equipment

Player gets one-stroke penalty and should replace the ball.

Exception: player proceeding under a rule or a situation permitted by rule.

3. By Opponent, Caddie, or Equipment (Match Play)

  1. During search: There is no penalty, replace the ball.
  2. Not during search:  Opponent gets one-stroke penalty and replace the ball.

4. By Fellow Competitor, Caddie, or Equipment (Stroke Play)

There is no penalty and replace the ball.


What if the ball was suddenly moved by another ball or whilst measuring?

By Another Ball*

Replace the ball.


In Measuring

There is no penalty,  replace the ball.

Note on general penalty:

If a player fails to replace and play the ball, he/she incurs a penalty of two strokes. In a situation where the player, his caddie, or his equipment moved the ball, the total penalty becomes two strokes.

*Note: another ball in motion after stroke

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