Hanbo Lee

08 October 2017

The Function of the Right Knee

A flexed right knee throughout the backswing enables coil, it separates the upper and lower body which creates energy. A flexed right knee supports the lower body and allows the upper body to perform its full rotation. The flexed right allows stability needed to transfer weight to your right side on the backswing. 

With these faults from the top of the backswing, things can only get worse, for example: with a straight right knee, the only way you can get back to the ball is to slide massively to the target. 
We need to load efficiently using the right knee as a support to the backswing weight transfer. Here’s a drill to maintain the flex in the right knee:
  • Look in the mirror
  • Get into your address position
  • Draw a smiley face on your right knee cap and note where it is in the mirror
  • Keep the smiley face in the same spot throughout the backswing
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