Stephen Moriarty

19 August 2016

Should You Keep Your Head Still

A common misconception I see with beginners is what should and shouldn't happen with their head during their swing. A common tip beginners receive is to keep their head still, and often they are told the reason they have miss-hit a shot is because their head moved.

I can tell you with 100% certainty that all good players allow their head to move in their golf swing.  Whilst we don't want side to side or up and down movements, we do want rotation. This will help your shoulders turn and allow you to wind up correctly. 

Picture 1 shows what happens when someone tries to keep their head completely still in their swing. Because their head doesn't rotate they have limited rotation in their shoulders. As a result, they tilt their body incorrectly to the left.

Picture 2 shows what happens when your head is allowed to rotate. Your head rotating allows your shoulders to fully wind up in your backswing.

Follow this simple drill:

Place a straw or tee between your lips and practice your backswing. Allow the end of the straw or tee to point outside of your right foot. This simple exercise will help you understand the role of your head in your backswing and increase your rotation.

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