Randy Mawuntu

28 July 2019

Right Elbow Position for Better Impact & Speed

A lots of golfer have their right elbow positioned incorrectly at the top of the swing. This usually be-gins from the wrong folding of the right elbow during take away and will cause problems during the downswing to impact. 
One of the major problems that can occur from an incorrectly positioned elbow is blocked shots to the right. After that happens, the body starts to make some correction by using the wrist to try to square the clubface. This usually ends up with a duck hook left. Another major problem is club steepening during the downswing. All of these issues cause a serious power leak and inconsistency at impact.
Here are some key points and drills to set the correct position of the right elbow during your back-swing, top of swing, and downswing:
  • Take your address position 
  • Hinge the club up in front of your body 
  • Straighten the left arm with the right elbow bent and touching your ribcage
  • Make sure both forearms are positioned close to each other 
  • Position the shaft in line with your right forearms through the tip of your right shoulder
Rotate your shoulders until you reach the top of your swing
  • On the way down, shift your weight to the left and follow with the shoulder turn that brings your right elbow slightly in front of your ribcage
  • Stop when the shaft is parallel to the ground with the hips open about 30 degrees and shoulders square
  • Make sure the shaft is positioned slightly inside of the club path with the clubface angle matching the spine angle
Keep practicing these movements going back and forth between the top of your swing and the shaft being parallel to the ground by shoulder rotation. Once you feel confident with the movement, try to hit some balls.
I hope this helps you to gain some consistency at impact and more speed with accuracy, thank you.
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