11 April 2016

How to Minimize a Shank

People are often afraid of mentioning the word “shank” in fear of it causing them to suffer from the shot. However, a shank is nothing to fear!

A shank is a combination of errors in your swing, which creates a bad shot - just like the player who grounds it or a player who hits a big slice.  All these errors are fixable if you understand why and how it happens.

What causes a shank?

The main cause of a shank is hitting towards the heel of the golf club, trapping the ball between the club and the hosel at impact.  Another cause of a shank is having a clubface closed dramatically at impact.

So to tackle this issue we need to first, stop the heel strike. There are many issues that can cause this, such as over the top swing, too far in to out, too far out to in, early extension etc. We cannot fix all these issues but we can help you understand that this sport is about the eye-hand coordination and that you have the ability to change where you strike the ball.

To stop the heel strike, I recommend the following drills.

Drill 1: You will need some face tape.  Draw a line down the middle and try to hit the side towards the toe. You would need to place your hands closer to your body on your downswing.

Drill 2:  Place two golf balls and tee them both next to each other.  Now try to only hit the inside ball, if you hit both then you are still striking the heel.

After working on your heel strike, you will need to fix the clubface. This is a little harder without actually seeing your swing, but follows these two simple steps and your issue will be cured.

Step 1: Soften your arms and wrists in the backswing.

Step 2: Try to get a feel for a wrist hinge in the backswing, as this means the club is more vertical and  helps the clubface open in the backswing, thus will be easier to maintain throughout the swing.

By following these recommended exercises, you should be able to get the shot that every player desires in practice and when out on the golf course.

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