Stephen Moriarty

09 August 2017

Going Extreme

In past tips, I’ve explained how set up changes can help you with awkward lies, but what about when you’re faced with extremely awkward lies around the green?  


The extreme downhill lie close to the green in deep rough. 

You may have seen this shot played at this year’s US Open. If you find yourself on a steep slope you need to add a lot of loft to your wedge. You do this by opening the clubface before taking your grip. To help improve your balance and stability you will need a stance even wider than you would have with your driver.  Allow your weight to stay on your lower foot and keep the ball towards your higher foot. Once you feel balanced in your setup, so your body doesn't move at all, let your arms and wrists lift the club upwards keeping the swing narrow. In the downswing, continue to keep your body still, and let the club swing back down to the ball, sliding the clubface under the ball.


Ball on a Bunker Edge 

If you are unlucky enough to find your ball on the edge of a bunker and you’re unable to stand on the grass next to the ball, what should you do? You have two options.

Option one is to stand in the bunker, but this may leave the ball at the height of your pelvis making contact extremely difficult. 

Stand as close to the ball as possible and remain tall, make sure you have a firm foundation so you don't slide down the bunker. Your swing should almost resemble a small baseball swing, it's should be a small motion that moves around your body.  When playing this shot you need to keep the clubface open, otherwise, the ball will be hooked low and left.

The second option needs a little practice but it’s a much better choice if you have a straight line to the flag.  For this option, you need to stand with your back to the target and hold the club in your right hand only.

You don't need to move your arm much, just a small swing and a flick of the wrist should be enough to get the ball onto the green.  This is also a great option if you find your ball next to a tree and you can't take your stance.

Fingers crossed you won't be faced with either of these two shots, but if you are then hopefully these tips will help you save an extra shot and keep your round together.

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