11 February 2021


However, they don’t spend much time trying to improve clubface which has a lot to do with how you grip the club. How you hold on to the club will determine the consistency of your clubface at impact and pattern. Once you have a clubface pattern you will be able to build a swing path around clubface which will give you a consistent ball flight.

Now let me show you how to grip it properly:

False grip

1. Gripping it in the palms

2. Gripping it too much in the fingers

3. Separation between the thumb and pointer finger.

4. Too much or too little amount of knuckles will show.

Correct grip

1. Grip is nicely balanced between the palm and fingers.

2. Club is going diagonally through my hand.

3. Thumb and pointer finger are more together which creates a V shape.

4. Two knuckles showing would be a neutral grip.

The hands are the only body part that is connected to your club, the better grip you have more control you will get in your swing.

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