Stephen Moriarty

20 December 2016

Control Wedge Play With A Simple System

Reducing your handicap can come down to a simple question. How good are you between 30 and 80 meters from the green?

For most golfers, 30 to 80 meters is the distance you will pitch a ball with one or all of your wedges.  There are different ways in which golfers attempt to hit the ball these distances:

Golfer 1: Uses the same club for all distances and tries to gauge it by looking at the hole and trying to hit it the distance he believes he is from the flag.

Golfer 2: Gets an accurate distance and then selects the same club for all his short game shots and tries to hit it the given distance.

Golfer 3: Gets an accurate distance and uses a pre-determined swing and club to hit the ball that distance.

Which golfer do you think has the greatest chance of hitting the ball the correct distance?  Normally, golfer 3 will be able to hit the ball closest to the hole. Not surprisingly, this is the technique most often used by professionals.

So what is a pre-determined swing?  If you think of a clock face, this will help you imagine different swing lengths.


We have four different swing lengths 8-4 o'clock, 9-3 o'clock, and 10-2 o'clock. I haven't included 7 o'clock because this shot is too short. Beyond 10 o'clock you have a full swing. These four swings will produce four different distances.  On average, a golfer carries three wedges: SW, PW, Lob wedge or gap wedge.  For a golfer with three wedges, with these four different swings we can now create 12 different distances.  

The table below shows an example of a tour players’ swings based on the clock system:






  Sand Wedge





  Gap Wedge





  Pitching Wedge






Imagine that the length of your swing is from your left arm on the backswing and your right arm on the follow through.  If you need to increase or decrease the distance you can reduce or add length to your left arm swing.

This will give you 36 different distances from using this simple system.  Practice this at the driving range to work out how far each swing goes before taking it to the course.  Good luck!

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