Phillipe de Busschere

28 September 2016

Connected Right Arm

When you see fellow golfers, many will have an overswing that they have struggled with for years to make shorter. It's not true to say that a longer swing will generate more power and thus more distance.  What would power be if we couldn't control it? 

Therefore, you need to start looking at how your arms work with your body.  In your backswing, your right elbow needs to be connected to your chest rather than letting it disconnect, which results in a high right elbow. You will then find that many points in your swing fall into place. 

As a result your body will wind up better and your club will come from the inside easier, this will produce longer, straighter shots.

Have a look at the below pictures and see how this can help your game.

When a player starts the swing too much with the hands and arms he disconnects early in the swing and it will show with the right arm being behind at the top of the swing.  This will result in an open club face at impact causing a slice.

The player has used his body to move the club away and therefore the right arm has stayed connected to the body.  The club stays on plane at the top of the backswing. Hands, arms, and body work together in the downswing resulting in a straighter ball flight.


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