Phillipe de Busschere

19 August 2016

A Change of the Left Hand Grip

David Leadbetter and the Leadbetter golf academies across the world have had great success with the A Swing movements. Standout tour professionals such as Lydia Ko, An Byeong Hun, and Michele Wie all have A Swing elements in their swings.

The hold of the golf club is slightly different with the A Swing method; this change will really help beginners, ladies, juniors, and seniors. The reason is that this change will help you hinge the club, support the club better through the swing, and increase club head speed.  Why are those changes good? They all help you to hit the ball further and more consistently. Who doesn’t want to hit the ball further?!

Why does changing your grip allow you to improve those three things?

A common fault with the grip is the shaft of the golf club being held in the palm of the left hand. If you create a lot of wear and tear in the heel pad of your glove then this is a fault you have.

This restricts the hinge and support of the club through the swing, which then translates into club head speed.

In the picture you can see this fault:

To change the grip, let’s go a little extreme. The shaft of the golf club is now going to sit much more through your fingers and your left hand will be more on top of the golf club.  As you look down in the address position, you should be able to see at least two knuckles and the left forefinger will be in-line with the right eye.

In these pictures you can see the difference from the previous picture:

And as you can see, some of the best in the world hold the club this way. The youngest Major winner in the history of the ladies game, Lydia Ko, is one who does!

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