20 February 2020

Tee It High and Let It Fly

Need some more distance with your driver? Focus on simple things.

For a good drive, first and foremost, we need a good setup. Position your feet shoulder width apart, ball position slightly more forward than normal, or just inside your left heel, and tee the ball up a fraction higher.
  (tee the ball up a fraction higher)

Then, feel that your right hip is slightly lower than your left (for right-handed golfers). This will encourage your spine angle to lean away from the target with your head behind the ball.

Understanding why we are in this setup position.

This setup will lead to a positive angle of attack, we want to hit up on the ball, launch the ball higher and reduced the spin rate, to create faster ball speeds which will produce more distance and straighter tee shots. 


Swing Tip 

Don’t try to hit the ball harder, focus on swinging the club faster!

If you’d like any more tips or help to hit straighter and longer drives, come see me at the Leadbetter Golf Academy.

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