11 April 2016

Get It Out Every Time!

Most high handicapped golfers seemed to fear the green side bunkers. They get confuse and are constantly asking questions on how to play the shot.

Let’s start by introducing the bounce of the club. The purpose of this is to control the wedges and help the club-head cut through the sand rather than digging in too deep.  It is important that one understands how to use the bounce of the club correctly to build consistency in the bunker. Creating a long shallow divot and controlling where the club will impact the sand will be the key to getting the ball out successfully each time.

Here are my key principles to help you constantly successfully achieving this –

  • The ball position should be on the left center of the feet.
  • A wider stance should be taken and your feet slightly shuffled into the sand to help you balance, this will also make it easier to strike the sand correctly.
  • Set around 60% of your body weight towards the target.
  • Open the clubface to increase the bounce on the club.
  • Keep your weight on your left side throughout the shot.

*To help build consistency, practice to swing the club with your right arm only and hit the sand on the same spot every time.

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