Francois van Rensburg

20 February 2020

Bunker Shot


I’m going to help you with your greenside bunker shot by giving you a better understanding of the correct setup and how to strike the sand correctly.
A common mistake when someone struggles with a bunker shot is where the club enters the sand; golfers either hit the dreaded thin shot that flies over the green or they over-compensate, taking too much sand and leaving the ball still in the bunker.
It’s important to realize that good bunker players don’t just use their most lofted wedge, in practice you should help develop your skills by using different clubs and trying to adapt to them.
Let’s get into the setup:
1. When you position your hands on the club, make sure you first set the clubface in an open position, this will increase both bounce and loft.  
(open clubface) 
2. To ensure you maintain this important position, keep your hands in line or slightly behind the ball when setting up to it. Align your feet slightly left of the target, if you have maintained the correct grip and club position the club should be pointing either at the target or just to the right of it.
3. We are trying to do everything possible to add loft and bounce, another important setup key to help this is to try to get your center of gravity low. This will require you to flex your knee and widen your stance, place more weight into your lead leg, specifically your knee.
4. Ball position plays an important role now in how you can deliver the club. Positioning the ball towards your left foot will give you more time to release the club and utilize the loft and bounce you have added in setup.
(Setup position)  untuk teks No. 2, 3, dan 4
5. If you think about lighting a match, it’s a quick action. That’s what we aim for in a bunker shot. A full shoulder turn with a lot of wrist action to generate club speed. With your lower body stable and quiet and the ball forward in your stance, focus on the clubhead passing your hands through impact, keep the club accelerating through the sand.
Foto untuk teks No. 5 (Full swing, lower body stable and quiet)
A great last thought is to let your right hand work under and past your left hand through impact. Keep the palm of your right hand looking at the sky.
  Foto ini dibuat kayak insert (dalam lingkaran) dalam foto di atasnya….
If you need any more tips to help you get out of bunkers more successfully, come down to the Leadbetter Academy at Royale Jakarta.
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