Jamie Whenman

09 August 2017

A Plugged Lie Shot

Already frustrated that the previous shot has resulted in your ball finishing in the bunker, to then find the ball is now plugged, adds to the frustration. Most amateurs  fear this shot and don't know how to play it correctly.

I’m here to give some simple tips to make this difficult shot easier.

Normal lie setup

  • Clubface open to encourage bounce and loft
  • Feet aimed left to counteract the club aiming right and help swing out to in
  • Ball position forward
  • Wider stance
  • Firm grip pressure


Awkward lie setup

  • Club face closed to promote a more downward blow, helping the ball pop up and out of the hole
  • Feet aim parallel to target
  • Narrow stance, hands close together
  • Soft grip pressure


Normal backswing

  • Shallow swing, to promote a shallow angle coming into the sand
  • Clubface remains open
  • Strike the sand 2 inches behind the ball


Awkward lie backswing

  • More vertical swing to promote a steep angle coming down
  • Clubface remains closed
  • Strike sand close to the ball: 0.5 - 1 inch behind ball.

Try to implement these useful tips in your setup and swing and you will see improvements, making this difficult shot look easy.

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