High Cholesterol - Causes & Myths

By: OBGOLF | Health | 05 April, 2017

High cholesterol is a very common problem in the world, including Indonesia. The symptoms of high cholesterol include headaches in the back

Hype Superfoods and What to expect from them

By: dr. Grace J.K. MSc, MH, CHT. | Health | 02 February, 2017

The trendy and fast growing healthy catering industry make superfoods a main attraction. Chia seeds are used in almost everything from bread

How to Handle A Food Craving

By: dr. Grace J.K. MSc, MH, CHT. | Health | 15 December, 2016

Food Craving or selective hunger is the desire to eat a certain type of food that is perhaps a signal the body sends when it lacks a particu

Golf As A Stress Reliever

By: Tara de .T, BA, M.Psi | Health | 28 September, 2016

Regular exercise, even moderate like golf, is an effective way to keep your mind away from food and reduce stress.

Is Your Wrist Suffering from Overuse?

By: OBGOLF | Health | 25 August, 2016

Golfers are all familiar with injuries and conditions of the upper limbs, ranging from Golfer’s Elbow to swollen wrists.

Golf untuk Kekuatan Mental

By: OBGOLF | Health | 18 August, 2016

Ada banyak cara yang menyenangkan dan mudah untuk melatih peningkatan kekuatan mental kita. Salah satunya adalah dengan bermain golf.

Golf For Mental Strength

By: OBGOLF | Health | 15 June, 2016

There are a lot of fun and easy ways to practice improving our mental strength. One of those is by playing golf.

Lower Back Pain in Golfers

By: OBGOLF | Health | 19 April, 2016

A common injury among golfers is lower back pain. Golfers who experience this problem may be frustrated because the pain inhibits their abil

Recognizing the Injuries Golf Can Cause

By: OBGOLF | Health | 08 April, 2016

Just like any other sports, golf burns calories and is highly beneficial for the health, but it may also cause injuries. We need to remember

Hocus Focus Your Putt

By: OBGOLF | Health | 24 March, 2016

Having control of your mind, and using it properly, is an important asset of being a good golfer. But sometimes, despite your effort to focu

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