11 October 2017

The Man Behind Indonesia’s Triumph

Leading with a solid margin of 11-5 after the first two days of the IGT-PGM Championship didn’t cause the Indonesian team captain Jubilant Arda to feel complacent or relaxed. He still had to devise and implement his strategy for the singles matches to ensure his team's path to victory. “The probability of the singles matches is the same,” said Jubilant. His concern was valid, given that Malaysia was likely to gain additional points in the singles matches.

As Indonesia stole two points in their first two singles matches, the climb to the champion’s throne was getting easier. Although Indonesia’s victory was secured by Benyta Kasiadi, Jubilant was the man behind the glory. Jubilant spoke to us and divulged a few things about Indonesia’s success.


The Indonesian team undoubtedly played well, but do you think their victory is also due to Malaysia not appearing with the best team formation?
I don’t think it guaranteed whether Malaysia wouldn't succeed in the future. This is not an individual event. This is the team event. For teams, 12 players have to contribute. So, we do not rely on one or two good players only.


What is the role of the captain when faced with players whose mental state is falling?
Many things can be done by the captain. For example, in the singles matches, I saw a few of our players drop during the matches. I began to worry about this situation. I approached them so that their confidence will rise again. They need it. We must rally our players. We must know what difficulties they face, and provide a solution to the problem.


You only needed three points in the singles matches. How did you apply your strategy to ensure you collected these three points?
The key to success is in Adrian and Rinaldi. I put these two players in the first two matches. They are typically tenacious players. Adrian, for example, although not a long hitter, he is not easily defeated. Rinaldi too. Therefore, when these two players earn points, it can drive the spirit of the other players to rise.

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