05 April 2017

Sponsor Helping Improve Professional Golf

The new season of the Indonesian Golf Tour circuit kicked off with the Top Skor Golf Invitational at National Golf Matoa. The first event in the IGT series had a total prize fund of Rp200 million. Top Skor is a media company well-known for its focus on football, however, their involvement in professional golf tournaments is a new step by the national sports daily.

The Top Skor Golf Invitational was a collaboration between the Top Skor and Immobi who worked with OB Golf to organize the event.

"Top Skor wanted to embrace other communities outside football. Therefore, Top Skor began to look at the sport of tennis and golf in news coverage. In addition, we also want to improve golf sports achievements, especially professional. I hope it attracts other sponsors to get involved with professional golf tournaments. The golfer achievements are expected to be further developed with the sustainability of these tournaments," said Ari W. Sutedi, a Top Skor representative, who hopes he can help to reform golf as he did before on the football circuit.

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