23 August 2017

Inter-Team Championship Serves Up an Exciting Battle

JAKARTA, AUGUST 22. The Indonesian Golf Tour will hold an international team tournament entitled "Indonesian Golf Tour (IGT)-Professional Golf of Malaysia (PGM) Championship 2017". The IGT-PGM Championship will bring together teams from two neighboring countries: Indonesia and Malaysia. This year's IGT-PGM Championship is the second event following on from the inaugural tournament, hosted by Malaysia last year. The IGT-PGM Championship will take place September 5-7 at Riverside Golf Club, Cimanggis, Bogor.

The IGT-PGM Championship is the embodiment of an idea that came from a serious conversation between Jimmy Masrin, Chairman of the Indonesian Golf Tour, and Tun Ahmad Sarji, Chairman of the Professional Golf of Malaysia Tour, last year. Both men have been strongly supporting the development of golf in their respective countries.

“The idea is to bring together the golf community of neighboring and similar countries and to develop good golf competition between us. Tun Sarji and I have a common vision: wishing to develop the game of golf in our respective country, and our passion for driving our players to excel in this sport is the key reason we are having this friendly competition,” said Jimmy Masrin, Chairman of the Indonesian Golf Tour.

To make the tournament more exciting and dynamic for spectators and players alike, this year’s Championship will adopt match play format instead of last year’s stroke play format. Match play is the format used for the Ryder Cup, the biennial team championship that brings together the U.S. and European teams for an exhilarating head-to-head golf spectacle.

“The format of stroke play is not as exciting as the format followed by the Ryder Cup when only two opponents are competing against one another. Match play format brings more excitement to the competition of each match and also brings the best in team spirit,” explained Jimmy.

Malaysia and Indonesia will each send 12 players to make up their respective teams for the IGT-PGM Championship. Eight players are from the Order of Merit list on each Tour and four players are the captain's choice. Commanding the Indonesian team is Jubilant "Teddy" Arda, who was the Indonesian national team captain when they secured two gold medals and two silver medals at the SEA Games 2011. The teams will be competing for a share of the IDR600 million prize funds. The winning team will take home 65% of the total purse, while the remaining 35% will go to the losing team.

The match play tournament will consist of three types of matches: foursome, fourball, and singles. Over the first two days, there will be four foursome matches in the morning and four fourball matches in the afternoon. “On the last day, we will play 12 singles matches. Therefore, in total there will be 28 matches which means the teams are competing for a total of 28 points,” said Made Edward “Eddy” Juniyasa Putra, Tournament Director of the IGT-PGM Championship 2017.

Eddy, who was also a referee at the 2017 Open Championship last July, explained that the matches are played over 18 holes per round and the winner will get one point. In the event of an all-square finish, each side will get half a point. The team who reaches 14.5 points wins the Championship. “However, if both teams have the same 14 points, the winning team of the previous Championship shall retain the trophy,” added Eddy, who is also a representative of the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation (APGC) on the Rules of Golf Committee of the R&A for 2016-2017.

The IGT-PGM Championship 2017 brings not only the Indonesian and Malaysian teams to the competition arena but also the event sponsor Zurich. The firm, which is one of the world's leading insurance companies, is the supporting sponsor of both teams in their respective countries.

Supporting the Indonesian team at the IGT-PGM Championship 2017 is an integral part of Zurich’s commitment in contributing to the golf development and local golf talents in Indonesia. For years, Zurich Group known as its deep involvement in golf around the world and Zurich in Indonesia extends that strategy locally by involving in familiarizing golf and talents development. These are mentioned by Peter Huber, President Director of PT Zurich Topas Life Indonesia and Philippe Danielski, President Director of PT Zurich Insurance Indonesia. 

The venue for this year’s IGT-PGM Championship is the championship 18-hole par-72 course at Riverside Golf Club. The club has been undertaking preparations to host the event and is ready to welcome Indonesian and Malaysian professionals with a challenging test of golf that will get the adrenaline pumping in amongst the lush natural environment.

Long hitters won’t find any advantages at Riverside Golf Club. The short and tight layout, designed by Australian golf legend Greg Norman, means there is a premium on accuracy and strategically placing the ball around the course. For all its challenges and beauty, Riverside Golf, which opened in 1995, was awarded Asia's Best Course in Indonesia at the Asian Golf Awards in 2015.

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