05 April 2017

Almay’s Eyes on National Team

Almay Rayhan Yaquta can finally put his curiosity with the Indonesian Golf Tour to rest. After several unsuccessful attempts to become the best amateur player in an event on the national golf circuit, the 19-year-old amateur reached his long-awaited title at the Top Skor Golf Invitational 2017.

“Thank God. I could win on the IGT. It’s hard to win here,” said Almay, who beat Jason Martinus and Bradley Taslim by four strokes.

Alma has played in IGT events whenever he’s had the chance, believing that the competition helps him to improve the quality of his game. "My game is developing. The IGT is the right place to hone my skills, while there are not many amateur tournaments," said Almay.

This year, the Top Skor Golf Invitational was the beginning of Almay's fight to be called into the national team. For Almay, his success at winning the lowest amateur title is a proof that he could be nominated for the national team. "My target is to join the Putra Cup and the SEA Games team in 2017. However, I must show a consistent game so I deserve to be called to the national team," added Almay.

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