15 June 2019

Smart Building for Future Company

PT Telkom Landmark Tower held the Telkom Landmark Tower Golf Gathering 2019 on March 30. The event was attended by 123  golfers. 

The Telkom Landmark Tower (TLT) Golf Gathering 2019 participants consisted of the company directors and those of TLT subsidiaries, partners, and tenants. The event began at 7 am and was opened by Ririek Ardiansyah, President Director of Telkomsel, Rinto Dwi Hartomo President Director of Telkom Property, and Alex Sinaga, President Director of Telkom who hit a symbolic tee shot. 

The theme of this year's event was "Smart Building for Future Company” and served as an introductory event for TLT’s vision. “This means that TLT has a smart building that is expected to match the needs of the company both now and in the future,” said Nurhayadi of TLT.

The tournament was also held to express gratitude for the extraordinary support of all stakeholders in Telkom Landmark Tower and to help build a closer relationship with its tenants.

“TLT Golf Gathering has a mission to further build synergy between all TLT tenants. Going forward, we hope to establish business relationships that complement and strengthen each other,” added Nurhayadi.

PT Telkom Landmark Tower was established on December 27, 2011, with the objec-tive of doing business in the field of property development and property and service management, as well as conducting business in the trade sector in general, including export and import trade. 

Today, PT Telkom Landmark Tower owns and manages the two skyscrapers of Telkom Landmark Tower that stand majestically on the Gatot Subroto road. 

“In operational management, TLT is information and communications technology-minded, which is expected to be able to touch directly to the needs of end users,” summarised Nurhayadi.

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