08 January 2018

PGB Reflection Past to Future

This year, Perkumpulan Golf Bandung (PGB - Bandung Golf Club) hosted a feast to celebrate 100 years since its establishment. The 100th Anniversary celebration was held on November 12 with two shotgun golf tournaments. The tournaments were attended by 240 participants, most of whom were PGB members.

For the anniversary celebration, PGB provided free entry for all their members who participated in the "One Century PGB Golf Tournament”. It was an acknowledgment of the PGB to the members.

“PGB can survive until 100 years because of solid support from members of the board, so we could realize things that were considered impossible. In addition, the strong family atmosphere in PGB makes this club last for so long, whoever the caretaker," explained the Chairman of PGB, M. Sirod Zudin.

The golf tournament provided a moment to commemorate the history of the founding of PGB and the Dago Heritage 1917 Golf Course (formerly Dago Golf Course) since its early operation. Along with the commemoration, PGB also launched the book "One Century Perkumpulan Golf Bandung". The book details the journey of the club that was established as Bandoengsche Golf Club from its founding until the present day.

“We want to document all data relating to the history of the founding of the PGB and also the Dago Heritage 1917 which is known as the third oldest course in Indonesia to exist until now,” added Sirod.

In addition, PGB also gave awards to PGB figures for their dedication to PGB and Dago Heritage 1917. These awards, according to Sirod, are a form of appreciation from the PGB board at this time for the commitment of PGB figures who have helped continue the existence of PGB and Dago Heritage 1917 to date.

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