05 August 2018

On the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Agenda

PAGI, supported by the State Ministry for Youth and Sports Affair, held their inaugural junior tournament. The junior tournament is registered with the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Association (APJGA) this year. 

Once again, the Association of Indonesian Golf Academy (PAGI) has successfully hosted a large-scale tournament as part of its aim to develop talented young Indonesian golfers who are able to compete with international players. This time, PAGI held the inaugural Menpora-PAGI Junior Golf Championship, which was attended by 122 junior players.

“The interest of juniors who want to participate is quite large, including international participants. We apologize for having to limit the number of participants because this is the first tournament and there is still much to improve,” said Purboyo Adhi Purnomo, the Organizer Chairman of Menpora-PAGI Junior Golf Championship 2018.

Despite only being the first edition of the event, the Menpora-PAGI Junior Golf Championship 2018 was already registered on the calendar of the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Association (APJGA). "Our tournament already met APGA criteria. The Menpora-PAGI Junior Golf Championship 2018 has points calculated in the World Amateur Golf Ranking. For us, as a part of the APJGA agenda, PAGI is challenged to improve the quality of the tournament,” said Mudjo Suwarno, Chairman of PAGI.

The championship also received the attention of the State Minister for Youth and Sports Affairs Imam Nahrawi, who attended Emeralda Golf Club to present the trophies to the winners and close the tournament. 

 “This is a golden opportunity for the future of Indonesian golf. I think we should also encourage the achievement of our juniors to be the best in Asia, or even in the world, in the days to come. I think that's not impossible, as long as we all work together: government, golf course owners, sponsors, parents, and all of us we work together,” said Imam. 

Randy Arbenata Bintang and Patricia Walanda Sinolungan were the winners of the inaugural three-day event held June 26-28.

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