08 January 2018

Enjoying the Good Life

Forbes Indonesia held their first golf tournament at Royale Jakarta Golf Club. The event was a resounding success with both the organizers and participants already looking forward to the next one.

What similarity do golf and Forbes magazine have? Both originated in Scotland. As almost every golf fan will know, the game of golf originated in Scotland. However, what people may not know is that the Forbes founder, American financial journalist B.C.Forbes, was in fact also Scottish-born. Furthermore, with a long-standing focus on high-end lifestyle to suit the passions of its core demographic, golf has always been a key part of the magazine’s DNA.

This deep link between golf and Forbes was the basis for the Forbes Indonesia Golf Tournament. The leading business magazine, along with the help of OB Golf, organized the tournament which was attended by 122 players at Royale Jakarta Golf Club on October 25th.

The tournament field was comprised of members of Forbes Indonesia’s readership - corporate executives, tycoons, and entrepreneurs - and carried an equally elite theme. “The special theme is what we have for all lifestyle events: enjoying the good life,” said Justin Doebele, Forbes Indonesia’s Managing Director. 

This was the first time Forbes Indonesia has hosted a golf tournament and the brand was keen to create a good impression. “This event should become the must-attend game for the senior business community in the country,” added Doebelle. 

The event was received with great enthusiasm by the participants who were mostly senior VIP businessmen known for enjoying working hard and playing hard. “Based on the feedback from this event, we look forward to a bigger and better event in 2018. We hope to elevate this event to the signature golf event on the calendar of the high-end business community,” said Doebelle. 

Always on the beat, Forbes Indonesia used the tournament as an opportunity for media coverage and to market their sponsors to attendees.

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