18 April 2018

ADT Opening Event

In addition to organizing the OB Golf Invitational - a US$70,000 Asian Development Tour event – OB Golf also hosted the OB Golf Invitational Pro-Am match. Through this Pro-Am tournament, partners of OB Golf had the chance to pick up some tips and tricks by playing alongside the pros.

The pro-am was attended by 80 players, 18 of whom were Indonesian professional players. Participants were lucky to have perfect weather to show off their skills on the championship-standard course. After a fun day of golf, the participants enjoyed a relaxed evening atmosphere, including games, good food, and exciting entertainment.

The OB Golf Invitational was the opening event of four Asian Development Tour tournaments which are held in Indonesia. This year’s tournament took place at Gunung Geulis Golf & Country Club, Bogor. The club was keen to introduce its newly redesigned golf courses to the golfing public.

Speaking about the OB Golf Invitational event, Jimmy Masrin, the owner of OB Golf, said, “Our goal is to send Indonesian professional golfers to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. By holding this event, we're opening the path to Indonesian professional golfers to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Tournaments on the Asian Tour or the ADT give our local players opportunities to earn Official World Golf Ranking points which are key to raising their ranks and qualifying for the Olympics. The OB Golf Invitational is a step in the right direction and we hope we will have more supporters out there in Indonesia who can assist in bringing our national players to represent our beloved “Merah-Putih” at the Olympics.”

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