20 February 2020

The Three Mizuno Musketeers

Mizuno has unveiled three new MP-20 Series iron models: the MP-20 MB, MP-20 MMC, and MP-20 HMB. Each new club has its own unique appeal and is designed to either stand alone or blend into custom combo sets. The three new MP-20 iron models have evolved from the DNA of Mizuno’s original irons that shaped the modern game and inspired generations of “tour edition” muscle backs.

MP-20 MB
MP-20 MB is a pure muscle back, heavily influenced by the most revered blades of Mizuno’s past and with Grain Flow Forged HD from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel. A discreetly tapered topline and cambered sole allow a fuller spread of weight to enhance vertical stability and forgiveness on strikes from high or low in the face, while retaining a traditional muscle back appearance. 

MP-20 MMC is hailed as an elite-player’s cavity iron and represents the second-generation of Mizuno’s multi-material concept. It shares the chassis, set flow, and proportions of the MP-20 MB, but offers enhanced playability courtesy of a titanium muscle plate and tungsten sole weight. It promises stability in a tour-preferred profile, with a titanium muscle spreading weight for forgiveness on off-center strikes while maintaining center-portion thickness for the feel and feedback associated with a muscle back iron.

MP-20 HMB 
MP-20 HMB is a new breed of hollow-headed “Hybrid Muscle Back” in a tour-ready profile that features Mizuno’s forged Chromoly material in the face and neck. It is inspired by the proliferation of long iron replacements on tour but extends the concept right down to the wedges. The MP-20 HMB offers a full set of performance hybrid irons in a sharp “tour-ready” profile, built on the ball speed of Mizuno’s Chromoly material in the face and neck, supported by a precision stainless steel body and tungsten weighting. It is designed to help consistent players pursuing added ball speed without sacrificing their shot-making options.

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